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Featured on "THE VIEW" 11/30/09 Color by Cynde Watson "CORRECTOR & CONCEALER" Pencil

Featured on "THE VIEW" 11/30/09

Color by Cynde Watson "CORRECTOR & CONCEALER" Pencil

CBCW Corrector & Concealer Pencil

Not enough time in the day? Uncomplicate your makeup application with our Color by Cynde Watson Corrector & Concealer Pencil. This .16 oz. dual-ended corrector and concealer pencil fits beautifully into your busy daily routine. Available in Pink Beige(Fair), Peach Beige(light), Champagne Sand(Medium), Nude Sand Medium dark), Natural Brown (Dark) or Rich Brown (Deep) shades


Dual-ended corrector and concealer pencil for easy application
Buildable coverage - apply the Corrector shade to correct/neutralize, then layer Concealer shade, or mix Corrector and Concealer shades together for a perfectly flawless look

Ultimate versatility in less time/effort

Formulated for correction/concealing - provides consistently flawless coverage that lasts

Cynde's Tips help you pick the right shade for you

Comes with a chubby pencil sharpener and step-by-step illustrated instructions

This Corrector & Concealer pencil has buildable coverage to correct and conceal dark shadows, redness or discoloration under and around the eyes to help them appear brighter and more lifted.

Corrector & Concealer Pencil-Instructions on how to use it


Sharpen pencil before use

Apply to cleansed and hydrated skin.

Apply the Corrector shade by gently swiping on the inner corner of eyes, directly under the lash line and anywhere you see redness or dark shadows. Use your fingertip to gently dab and blend the product into your skin.

Layer the Concealer shade by gently applying over the Corrector shade. Gently dab and blend to create perfectly concealed eyes. Wear the Concealer shade alone when only light concealer/coverage is needed. Or wear as an eye shadow or lipstick base to enhance your eye and lip color!

Cynde's Tips to Determine Your Skin Tone

Color by Cynde Watson™ is a brand for all women. Cynde has made it simple for you to determine your skin tone.
Most skin tone shades are either warm or cool. Your skin tone is determined by your facial coloring or undertone – regardless of your natural hair color, eye color or nationality.

Cynde has taken the guesswork out of determining your skin tone and has selected pencils and pencil kits that are right for you. Just follow these simple guidelines to find which skin tone category suits you best:

Cool Skin Tones

You see pink/rosy/red tones when you look in the mirror.

Jewel-tone colors look the most natural on you such as pink, cherry red, amethyst, cobal, forest green, pearl, deep mahogany brown, pewter and platinum.

You’re fair with pinkish beige skin = COOL / BEIGE

You’re medium with ruddy sand skin = COOL / SAND

You’re dark with rustic-brown skin = COOL / BROWN

Warm Skin Tones

You see yellow/golden tones when you look in the mirror.

Earth-tone colors look the most natural on you such as peach, brick red, plum, camel, olive green, bronze, gold, chocolate brown and cream.

You’re fair with peachy beige skin = WARM / BEIGE

You’re medium/tan with olive sand skin = WARM / SAND

You’re dark with golden brown skin = WARM / BROWN

How will you know if you’ve chosen the CORRECT skin tone category?

Your skin tone will appear healthy and radiant.
Your eyes will appear bright and awake.
The natural highlights in your hair will appear more reflective.
How will you know if you’ve chosen the INCORRECT skin tone category?
Your skin tone will appear unhealthy and dull; skin imperfections will appear more obvious.
Your eyes will appear droopy and tired.
Your teeth can appear slightly discolored.

The above guidelines work for most women. However, some skin tone shades fall in between warm and cool due to sun exposure, self-tanners or coloring of hair.
If this is the case for you, stay as true to your natural undertone as possible when selecting your Cover & Blend Full Cover Pencil (foundation) and your Corrector & Concealer Pencil shades. Then, use a Bronzer or Blush to add warmth and color to your face.

PRICE $15.00

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