Thursday, July 9, 2009

O Magazine Press "Color by Cynde Watson"

"Color by Cynde Watson" Cosmetics Fetured in O Magazine

Cynde's Favorite Lip Treatment- mark. Kiss Dry Goodbye Lip Smoother $8.00

If you want to give dry lips a real kiss-off then try this super-smoothing, supersoothing lip treat that makes lips luscious. It has Amazon white cocoa extract known for its deep moisture benefits, and is whipped up with antioxidant-rich bilberry for added goodness.
0.17 fl. oz.
oil-free • non-comedogenic • fragrance-free
mark. Kiss Dry Goodbye Lip Smoother $8.00


A technologically advanced purifying sheet mask that lifts, firms, and brightens skin. Infused with Nano-Claire GY™, the world’s first bioengineered growth hormone for younger, firmer skin. A 100% cotton, non-woven mask that provides a unique delivery system for highly progressive ingredients to penetrate deep, below the skin’s surface delivering exceptional levels of scientifically advanced, efficacious anti-aging ingredients that synergistically lift, firm and brighten skin.

"PERFECT MASK" $120.00 6/Box

"Color by Cynde Watson" Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara

Plagued with skimpy eyelashes? Create true fashionista fringe with the Color by Cynde Watson Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara. Making gorgeous waves in the world of beauty, this dual-ended, 2-step, water-resistant black mascara features a volumizing formula as well as a lengthening formula for stunning good looks. Now is the perfect time to stock up, because you receive two .34 oz. mascaras!

Color by Cynde Watson Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara Features:
Volumizing Mascara has an easy-to-use petite brush that coats and fills out each lash, providing a black basecoat with no smudges and no mistakes.
The innovative mini-comb with 3 layers of fanned-out teeth in the Lengthening Mascara reaches every lash, even in the inner and outer corners and bottom. The mascara lengthens each lash and separates even the worst clumps quickly and easily, and the buildable formula means you can reapply without clumping.

"Color by Cynde Watson" Dual-Ended Mascara 2 Pack ONLY $18.38

Cynde's latest work on "http://www.JNY.COM

Skintone tips with Cynde Watson

Skintone tips with Cynde Watson

Most skin tone shades are either warm or cool. Your skin tone is determined by your facial coloring or undertone – regardless of your natural hair color, eye color or nationality.


You will see pink/rosy/red tones when you look in the mirror.
Jewel-tone colors look the most natural on you such as pink, cherry red, amethyst, cobalt, forest green, pearl, deep mahogany brown, pewter and platinum.

You’re fair with pinkish beige skin = COOL / BEIGE
You’re medium with ruddy sand skin = COOL / SAND
You’re dark with rustic-brown skin = COOL / BROWN


You will see yellow/golden tones when you look in the mirror.
Earth-tone colors look the most natural on you such as peach, brick red, plum, camel, olive green, bronze, gold, chocolate brown and cream.

You’re fair with peachy beige skin = WARM / BEIGE
You’re medium/tan with olive sand skin = WARM / SAND
You’re dark with golden brown skin = WARM / BROWN

How will you know if you’ve chosen the CORRECT skin tone category?

Your skin tone will appear healthy and radiant.
Your eyes will appear bright and awake.
The natural highlights in your hair will appear more reflective.

How will you know if you’ve chosen the INCORRECT skin tone category?

Your skin tone will appear unhealthy and dull; skin imperfections will appear more obvious.
Your eyes will appear droopy and tired.
Your teeth can appear slightly discolored.

The above guidelines work for most women. However, some skin tone shades fall in between warm and cool due to sun exposure, self-tanners or coloring of hair. If this is the case for you, stay as true to your natural undertone as possible when selecting your foundation shade then, use your Bronze to add warmth and color to your face.