Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Color by Cynde Watson" Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara

Plagued with skimpy eyelashes? Create true fashionista fringe with the Color by Cynde Watson Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara. Making gorgeous waves in the world of beauty, this dual-ended, 2-step, water-resistant black mascara features a volumizing formula as well as a lengthening formula for stunning good looks. Now is the perfect time to stock up, because you receive two .34 oz. mascaras!

Color by Cynde Watson Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara Features:
Volumizing Mascara has an easy-to-use petite brush that coats and fills out each lash, providing a black basecoat with no smudges and no mistakes.
The innovative mini-comb with 3 layers of fanned-out teeth in the Lengthening Mascara reaches every lash, even in the inner and outer corners and bottom. The mascara lengthens each lash and separates even the worst clumps quickly and easily, and the buildable formula means you can reapply without clumping.

"Color by Cynde Watson" Dual-Ended Mascara 2 Pack ONLY $18.38


  1. If you are looking for the perfect mascara, then you must add to your makeup regime Color by Cynde Watson Dual-Ended Mascara. I get the 2 pack a great value. My lashes never looked thicker or longer, no smearing or drop down. Some of my friends thought I had on false eyelashes. I am hooked so will you.

  2. This is the best mascara on the planet so many things to say. Number one you can wash your face sleep a full 8 hours and it's still on the lashes, really, and there is no black tar smear anywhere on the eye area. Number two the lashes are simply out of this world long and full, a women even took my glasses off my face and said "are those your lashes". Number three you can go out looking done with this Mascara and some lip gloss, OK. I mean it pops the eyes ladies. Number four when you remove it, it does not take eye makeup remover or oil, It simply slides right off your lashes as you clean your face gently pull it off with your finger tips. It's like little latex tubes are being released from your lashes Without the black smear. I LOVE IT!!! One more thing, it's really black and it's not dull or dry looking.
    Thanks soooooo much Cynde