Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Fredrick Benjamin" Natural Grooming Products for Your Man!

"Fredrick Benjamin" Natural Grooming Products for Your Man!

Experience the NEXT GENERATION in grooming refinement. A natural scalp and hair care line for men.


SHAMPOO-Invigorating Cleanser (240ml / 8.0 fl.oz)
Gentle cleansing agents detoxify the scalp and hair without stripping moisture
- Rinses excess oil, sweat and other build-up
- Exfoliates the scalp and unclogs pores
- Relieves itching and flaking
- Quickly lathers and rinses

CONDITIONER- Invigorating Moisturizer (240ml / 8.0 fl.oz)
Ultra-rich conditioners replenish moisture to restore softness and elasticity
- Combats dry, dull scalp and hair
- Adds softness and a natural matte shine
- Relieves itching, flaky and a tight scalp
- Detangles for increased manageability

DAILY HYDRATOR - Leave-In Conditioner (125ml / 4.2 fl.oz)
Lightweight, Grease-Free moisturizer invigorates dry, dull scalp and hair for all day softness and shine
- Instantly hydrates to restore elasticity
- Goes on light and clean for a GREASE-FREE finish
- Softens and shines
- Cools and refreshes instantly to sooth the scalp


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